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There is but one Truth, and it manifests on all planes - the Spiritual, the Mental, and the Physical.

In this little work we attempt to explain each bit of Truth that dovetails into every other bit, for all are parts of the Whole.

Does this statement mean anything to you?

Have you experienced the verity of this statement ever in your life?

Yes, you have! Or else you would not have found your way towards this profound statement.

The Reality
We all lead extremely busy lives. Each one of us is running after one thing or the other. Have you ever stopped for a moment to think:

  1. Why everything that is happening to you, is happening to you?
  2. Is there a purpose in you life?
  3. Is someone else controlling your life?
  4. Why can you not get up and seize your life and live it on your terms?

The answers to all these questions are deeply rooted in our psyche. All of us feel the ‘force’ at some point in our lives. We deal with various situations and as we have finished with one battle, another crops up.

As the twilight years approach, they are left with:

  1. Remorse – for lost opportunities
  2. Regret – for not having the courage to go beyond established norms
  3. Disappointment – for letting life pass by
  4. Shame – for being scared of petty things like popular opinion
  5. Guilt – for only caring about collecting possessions and not having the time to enjoy them

Do you want to be one of these people? If your answer is NO, ask yourself the ultimate question.

The Ultimate Question
What is it that stops us from living the life we dream and desire?

Our ignorance! And the fear that stems from it.

"The thing that I have feared, hath come upon me," says Job.

A person possessing a strong fear will send out waves having a tendency to attract or draw people calculated to bring about the materialization of the thing feared.

The Answer
Since ancient time, man has been interested in knowing and understanding the secrets of the cosmos. Through various experiments and accidents, he achieved on the conclusion that all his miseries cease to exist if his being is in alignment with Universe.

However, to achieve this state, he discovered he had to first unravel the cosmic secrets because the fear of the Unknown is at the root of all ignorance. To know is to be free! What we fear manifests also.

In today’s world, the understanding of these secrets remains just as vital. The reason for this lies with the topics that are dealt with in the book. All of them are not only relevant to today’s living, but also show you a way of approaching life.

The book helps you to understand and improve:

  1. your own thoughts
  2. mind’s complex machinations
  3. reason behind every decision you make
  4. your Higher Purpose

The Truth
Is Truth a legacy of a chosen who have declared their disentanglement from the world and now live in total oblivion of the world?

Does the quest for truth involve first giving up your way of life and then starting the journey?


Everyone deserves to the Truth.

This book invites you to go inside and witness first the desire to know the Truth, and then provides the understanding of the same. The Ancient Secrets of the Universe and their understanding opens up a new window, a new way of thinking.

It’s the today that determines the future. So, make your today count! Discover this unique approach towards understanding life.

Welcome aboard!

About the Book
The book Ancient Mind Secrets of the Universe deals with the following topics.

The Law of Vibration
This chapter explores the significance of vibrations into our immediate plane of existence. It explains the intricacies involved in reading and influencing someone’s thoughts.

Quote: “Any intelligent physical scientist will tell you that Science has every reason to believe that there are great fields of energy and force, the Vibrations of which are far too high for even the delicate instruments of science to record”

These chapters are intelligently spaced and have an intuitive flow. Everything is supported with proofs and both sides of the argument are viewed.

It is best to approach this book with an open mind and understanding.

Thought Waves
This chapter explains the process of thought flow with the help of comparison with energy. Thoughts are nothing but packets of energy that can flow from one place to another in the form of waves.

Quote: “Flammarion, the well known and eminent French scientist, has said on this subject: "We sum up, therefore, our preceding observations by the conclusion that one mind can act at a distance upon another, without the habitual medium of words, or any other visible means of communication”.”

Mental Induction

This chapter opens your eyes towards the everyday events where Mental Indiction is used as well as witnessed by all of us.

Quote: “Orators, actors, preachers and teachers send forth strong mental currents which tend to produce mental conditions, on the part of their hearers, corresponding to the feelings held by the mind of the speaker. When you remember how this speaker swayed your feelings, or how that actor made you weep with pity, shiver with fear, or laugh with joy, you see how Mental Induction manifests itself. “

Mental Concentration

This chapter defines and clarifies all the ideas floating around regarding Mental Concentration.

Quote: It is a fact known to all students of mental phenomena that very few persons possess more than a very small degree of concentration. They allow their mental forces to become scattered and dissipated in all directions. To the degree that a man is able to concentrate, so is he able to manifest mental power. A man's power of mental concentration is, to a great extent, his measure of greatness.”

Mental Imaging

The book now moves on to explore the power of visualization – the methods, effects and process involved are discussed in detail. The do’s and don’ts are also explained.

Quote: “A mental image gives you a framework upon which to work. It is like the drawing of the architect, or the map of the explorer. Think over this for a few moments until you get the idea firmly fixed in your mind.”


This chapter deals with understanding the true meaning of fascination. Fascination and hypnotism are compared and contrasted for better understanding.

Quote: “Fascination is one of the oldest manifestations of mental influence. It was known and even employed by the earliest races of man. It is even found among the lower animals who pursue their pray or capture their mates by its use.”

Hypnotic Influence
Hypnosis is a topic that is shrouded under covers of mystery and usually there is rampant confusion about it. This chapter takes forward the comparisons of the last chapter and imparts proper understanding of hypnosis.

Quote: "In hypnosis the mind of the person affected, called the subject, is rendered passive or sleepy and therefore less able to set up powers of resistance to the thought-waves of the person using the influence. But the power employed is the same in all cases. Fascination and hypnosis really blend into each other and, in some cases, it is difficult to draw a dividing line."

Influencing At a Distance

This topic deals with one of the most fascinating subjects under the sun – can any person be influenced by another person from a distance. Get the book to understand this phenomena!

Quote: “The principles underlying mental influence at a distance are the same as those underlying the use of the influence when individuals are present in the same area. Mental currents must flow across an intervening space between two minds.”

Influencing "En Masse"

The secret of creating a huge following is disclosed here. The whole game played by leaders – politicians or others - is explained in detail.

Quote: “This form of the use of the power is that consciously or unconsciously exerted by great leaders in the fields of statesmanship, politics, business, finance or military life. You can probably recall a number of "great men" from ancient times down to the present who seemed to exert an almost miraculous effect upon the minds of others, causing them to see things as they see them.”

The Need of Knowledge

This chapter delves into the reasons as to why a person should know and understand the secrets of the cosmos.

Quote: “Under one name or another - under one form or another - mental influence has been operated and used from the earliest times. And today, even in the most remote portions of the globe, and among the most primitive peoples we find instances of the employment of this force.”

Magic Black And White

One of the most controversial topics is dealt with in this part of the book. The significance and difference both the genres of magic are explained.

Quote: “The majority of persons, not informed along these lines, are surrounded by a mental atmosphere arising from the prevailing mental states, thoughts, feelings, and thought currents which they have attracted to themselves by the Law of Mental Attraction.”


This is the most engaging chapter of the book where practical methods of protecting oneself against outer negative influences are explained.

Quote: “When you come into contact with people who are seeking to influence you, you will find yourself able to defy their mental attacks by simply remembering the strength imminent in your "I".”

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Do you need any more signs from ‘the powers that be’ to start working on your life? 

Always Remember

Basic Principle of all such teaching and instruction is that within each of us, in the very center of the being of each individual - in the very heart of hearts of the Immortal Ego - is what occultists know as the Flame of the Spirit.

This is what you recognize in consciousness as the "I AM" consciousness - that consciousness of Being which is far above the consciousness of Personality.

Your time is HERE.
All you have to do is ACT.
Choose your kind of life NOW.

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